Exercise During Work Prevention Of Office Syndrome.

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Exercise at desk It is a form of exercise that is suitable for many company employees. Because sitting for many hours or not being physically active every day can cause office syndrome. Resulting in pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back or muscles. other parts of the body  

Company employees or people who sit at their desks all day may not have the time or may not pay attention to the necessity of exercise as they should. Gymnastics may be another option for exercising. This article collects the benefits of physical exercise. Along with simple exercises that can be done while working for you to reduce the risk of office syndrome in the future.

Benefits of exercise.

Exercise, besides being a method Exercises that are easy to do and don’t require a lot of equipment. And can do it at their own desk. There are also advantages to both the physical and mental health of people who work at a desk all day: UFABET

  • enhance the flexibility of the body
  • increase the movement of the joints
  • strengthening the joints in the body to move fully in position
  • Helps muscles work efficiently
  • Increase blood flow within the muscles
  • increase efficiency in daily activities
  • Relieves tension headaches
  • Relieves and prevents back pain
  • It can help relieve stress from work and daily life.