know about Dominic Soboszlai the new Liverpool signing for £60 million

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know about Dominic Soboszlai the new Liverpool signing for £60 million

• Born in Hungary. Turn pro in Austria blooming in germany The future is bright in England.
• Captain of the national team at the age of 22 and has a lot to do with him. Including the most accurate free kick
• Liverpool paid a 60 million pound release clause to join the army.

1. Athlete’s Pedigree

Master Dominic Soboszlai was born on October 25, 2000 with Libra ascendant. He said that during this time the stars move There will be luck falling over…not!

Without any immigration, Soboszlei was born and raised in Fehervar, central Hungary. With intense athlete blood Passed down from his father Solt Zoboszlai who was a professional footballer in the Austrian league. Even in the lower divisions

After retiring from playing, Father Solt turned himself into a coach. And together with friends, create a team Akademie Fonix Gold FC, where one of the members of the Academy. It is the son of Coach Solt.

2. Start your route in Austria

bordering Traveling to find each other is not difficult. Causing the starting point of Soboszlai’s career path in Austria, just like his father. By entering the Liefering Academy at the age of 14-15 before having the opportunity to enter the first team (Austria 2nd Division) in the 2017/18 season or when He was only 16 years old.

The point is, attacking midfielder Zobozlai has been eye-catching since his first year in the first team, scoring 10 goals in 33 games, making the country’s Dominic Soboszlai top team Red Bull Salzburg. A raids to quickly bind the body

3. Bosz makes a Haaland shot

Because of the move to Red Bull Salzburg that made Zoboszlai have teammates as “Acting superstar” like Erling Braut Haaland

The 2019/20 season, in which Zoboszlai shaped a game from midfield for Haaland, concluded with 28 goals for the Norwegian striker. (who moved out in the winter), while the Hungarian midfielder threw 12 tungs and 18 assists until he received the Austrian Bundesliga player of the year award.

Jesse Marsh: “Zobozlai? His talent is as high as Haaland’s.”

It was also in that season that Zoboszlai met his “new agency” for the first time in the first round of the UEFA Champions League, where Liverpool beat Salzburg 4-3 in A. Naffield and the Reds won 2-0 in Austria, with Zoboszlai starting both games.

4. The younger team sends it to the older team.

At the end of 2020, RB Leipzig confirmed the signing of the 20-year-old from Red Bull Salzburg for a modest 20 million euros, which was the most expensive transfer by a Hungarian player at the time.

Indeed, the move to Beer was difficult at first, with Dominic Soboszlai injury worsening less than a month after signing. Resulting in being unable to help RB Leipzig at all during the second half of the 2020/21 season.

But when Zobozlai is fit and ready to play in the next season Performance on the field is the one that says this is another “perfect” deal for Leipzig.

2021/22 45 appearances, 10 goals + 9 assists
2022/23 46 appearances, 10 goals + 13 assists

And after two years of playing with the Red Bull team, Soboszlai brought the DFB-Pokal championship to the team for two consecutive times, especially in the latest year (2023) where he scored the winning goal against Eintracht. Scht Frankfurt 2-0 in the final.

In addition, it is statistically confirmed that Zobozlai is one of the modern “free-kick gods”, with 44 assists made over the years, 14 of them coming from set pieces. touch He was also Leipzig’s first free kicker.

5. Smart Enough, Old Enough

At just 22 years of age, Soboszlai has made 32 caps for Hungary (7 goals), starting in 2019 when he was just 18.

And last year, Marco Rossi, the Italian manager of the Magyar army Decided to give the captain’s armband to the 22-year-old youngster, Soboszlai, to take over as captain, replacing Adam Salai who retired from the national team. and a veteran like Peter Guluxi who has an injury problem

Marco Rossi also gave the reason for this appointment that Because he saw clearly that in the future, Zobozlai would step up to become “Top shin” for sure

“He is a true leader. Has a strong character Which is extremely rare in players of this age. The whole team has already had discussions. And it was the right decision to hand him the captaincy. We are sure he will do well in this role. and does not affect his development He’s not a top player right now, but he will definitely be soon.” Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet