Southgate was heavily attacked after supporting vaccination

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England manager Gareth Southgate has revealed he was heavily attacked after supporting vaccination against COVID-19.

         Roaring lion boss backs government drive to get young people vaccinated across the UK He sent a video message back in July after Euro 2020.

         Most recently, Southgate revealed it received more negative response to the support than it did for decisions about football in the summer.

         “I think the captain [In the Premier League] spoke to Jonathan Van Tam (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) based on what I’ve read,’ Southgate replied after being asked if there were concerns the players might not be providing information correctly. Is it about the coronavirus vaccine?

         “So I think the information from the chief medical point of view was sent. According to my understanding.  Although I didn’t talk to all the players every club is that receiving information is very different in different clubs.”

         “I didn’t want to get too involved in this. Because I was asked to make a video in support of the vaccination program.  I think must be responsible And all that I have been harassed this summer on many occasions. That’s probably one of the things I’ve had the most in my life.”

         “So I might as well avoid this argument at this time.”