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Manchester United deadline for Inter sell Onana

Manchester United set a deadline for Inter to sell Onana • It’s clear Manchester United Andre Onana. But Inter Milan want to raise the price high possible. Come to this wood has a deadline. If not, then don’t take The ทางเข้า ufabet has reported that Manchester United will

Luka Modric talks to Ramos regularly.

Luka Modric has revealed he has held regular talks with Sergio Ramos. Since the 35-year-old left Real Madrid for Paris Saint-Germain last summer. Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has revealed that. He talks to former White team captain Sergio Ramos almost every day. The 35-year-old defender

Burnley awaits Wut Weghorst medical examination.

Burnley are preparing to welcome Netherlands striker Wut Weghorst. Traveled to the club for a check-up on Sunday. The Daily Mail sport reports that. Bundesliga striker Weghorst is arriving for a medical with Burnley on Sunday. And the signing is likely to be complete by the January