Maguire promises play 110% of the opener home games for fans

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Maguire promises play 110% of the opener home games for fans. Harry Maguire Manchester United captain announced tough opening match of the English Premier League season opener at Old Trafford, FL Ford found Leeds (14), they all will. Played in honor of Red Army fans after not attending the official game for over 17 months.

The outbreak of the corona virus, making the UK government banned the fans watch the game in full capacity since there is . C . Last year by just a few months ago mitigation measures.

But with the official match that is about to kick off the race The England defender urged his comrades to play for the sake of fans longing for the same atmosphere.  

” I think the fans play a big part in our play, ” the captain told the official website. 

“ I can say that because I met him in the first season as Manchester United where the fans created an amazing atmosphere. Not only at Old Trafford but also in the away game. ”

“ They sang non-stop. Come and give us a lot of support and we can feel everyone’s support. ”

“I can feel that we have the best fans in the country. And I’m sure they will be a part of the team playing this new season. Can’t wait to experience Old Trafford again. ”

Division allowed into the stadium , Old Tampa, FL Ford grew at a central point . C . The game with Fulham about a thousand , preliminary, pre – season found Brent Ford. 30,000 people , Everton 55,000 people, and this Saturday, 75,000 lives are packed together.